What is ERP System

What about the management and resource planning - ERP

On ERP systems are integrated software systems, through which the organization plans and directs its resources. Include features such as budget management, production control, sales, procurement, warehouse management and inventory, financial activities, accounting processes and others units of the company.

;The system covers all departments and units of the organization, including the processes occurring in it. The main component of most ERP systems is a common database for all processes in the enterprise. Through automation and standardization of internal business processes ERP systems reduce the cost of products and services, automate cash and material flows, eliminating re-entry of data and improving the accuracy of the information. The visibility of the company provides a basis for making informed decisions more quickly and at the right time.

ERP software consists of different modules, tailored to the specific requirements of the organization, which are implemented and according to its needs and what most suited to its profile. Each module focuses on specific business processes, such as production planning or marketing. ERP systems are considered one of the highest classes of software. Their implementation takes a long period of time during which slowly covering all processes in companies. This process requires serious review of the business models of the organization and structuring a lot of information.

With the popularization of ERP methodology, software applications has become more flexible and supported the implementation of the systems in almost all activities of the organizations, combining them with other business applications such as CRM / management systems of customers /, Business Intelligence systems / BI / Business analysis systems for business process management / BPM / etc.

The main objective is to provide a central repository of all available information which is shared by all aspects of ERP and ease the processes.