Professional Services

Antipodes has a team of highly qualified specialists with long experience in development and implementation of business software, consulting, evaluation of software projects and customer needs, and complete building of corporate information infrastructure.

The expertise we have gained over the years working for the leading Bulgarian and European companies, allows us to offer many value added services such as consulting on reengineering of business processes, their optimization, building complex information systems, development of specific assignments to third parties, audit of the IT infrastructure and assessment of the optimal technologies mix for the goals of the customer.

We realize that the variety of new business technologies and the dynamics of this sector today often hinder other industries' managers to choose the optimum solution for their business. That is why our team is ready to give an independent assessment of the existing IT infrastructure in your company, to guide you through the variety of technologies, terms and software solutions, to choose the optimal one for you, and to develop a quality project assignment.

If you sell or acquire a business, start initial public offering of securities exchange or start a new company, you can also count on us for independent audit and evaluation of the IT infrastructure and consulting for its optimal development.