Important steps in ERP implementation

Important steps in the implementation of ERP system

The process of ERP implementation can vary widely for each company. Here are few areas that you will need to be cautious about before you begin the project. A little more time before the development and implementation of the system can save you a lot of time, stress and money.

Usually software solutions are flexible and scalable towards the organization. However, a specific; operation or critical business data must be precisely monitored and require little change in the software. Most software solutions are easily customizable and have a number of ready to use applications. However, companies are obsessed with the idea of dealing with any problem and believe they need absolutely all actions that offers an ERP system. Do not waste time and resources for customizations that are really unnecessary;Every day lost in the development of additional tools will cost you time and money and delay in ROI. Your management software needs good planning and discussion.

Your employees will use ERP software, so why not participate in the planning stage? Find out what data they track now and make sure that the chosen software is coordinated with them. If the correct information is not caught by your software or if it reported wrong data, then your software will not provide rational results. It is better to find it before the execution, not after it, when you need to make improvements or start all over again. Engaging your team at the beginning of the project will enhance their confidence that the software will facilitate their work and improve their productivity.

When employees are afraid of the software or think it will make their job more difficult, they will not use it, which will also reduces the accuracy and value of the data. Train your employees carefully how to use your ERP system, when the system is ready. You will also need training when hiring new employees or when you have software improvements. Antipodes will guide you through these improvements or upgrades, and will provide training for new functionalities. Nothing ends after the implementation of the software - be prepared for the challenges and future training needs. You can control your costs by working closely with the team to plan carefully the whole process of implementation, training and work after implementation.