Workflow Server

Workflow Server is the center of the architecture of Antipodes.Cubes and is crucial for the proper conduct of business processes.

This is the core of the system that manages the company activities, automates processes, assigns tasks and monitors their implementation. Thanks to Workflow Server managers can be confident that every employee's efforts are directed towards achieving the company objectives. If needed, it allows them to monitor the company activities in real time.

Workflow Server ensures that the processes created in Workflow Architect, run on predefined rules, including people, documents and external information systems. It gives real-time monitoring of processes and allows managers to take timely corrective action when necessary.

Workflow Server has well-developed analytical tools that generate a rich set of standard statistics such as average time to complete a process, active processes, delayed processes, specific tasks and contractors that delay processes, load of employees, etc. In addition, various complex reports can be generated, using the information flow passing through the system and covering the business needs of analytical tools. Workflow Server gives company owners and managers a whole new perspective on what is happening, allowing them to be always informed of the operations, to correctly assess each individual employee or team, and to identify and eliminate "bottlenecks" that slow down work.

Integration with external systems

A specific feature of Antipodes.Cubes is the possibility of full integration with other software applications, used in your company. Starting with less complex operations such as sending e-mail and filling out forms, to complex financial analysis based on hundreds of parameters, Antipodes.Cubes offers open interface that allows users to add perfection to business processes.