Workflow Client

One of the indisputable advantages of Antipodes.Cubes is that interaction with the BPM system is carried out in a web environment. We created a web interface that increases the flexibility of the BPM system, enhances its scalability, and allows it to be modified more easily according to the specific needs of the client.

Web-based interface

Antipodes.Cubes Workflow Client Web-based interfaceThe web-based access interface turns Antipodes.Cubes into a modern business software solution that fully meets the latest trends in web 2.0. With it teams can create tasks, work on their realization, and communicate from any Internet-connected point, with desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

This expands vastly the team potential, for example by allowing the sales staff to complete a lot of the tasks while still at the customer's site, or by allowing the managers to control the company on the move, in the restaurant, at the airport or at the hotel while on a vacation. With the web-based interface of Antipodes.Cubes the term "mobile office" becomes a reality, increasing the employee efficiency, optimizing their time, and reducing costs. Important questions can now be discussed no matter if the conversation participants are at the same place, or in different cities.

Security and Data Protection

Using the web-based interface of Antipodes.Cubes will completely change your idea of what you can do with a browser, of the freedom to work with business management solutions. With our Business Process Management system, you will receive all these benefits, without compromising the security of company data.