Workflow Architect

Workflow Architect is the desktop environment that defines and visualizes the business processes in the company. It is the "road map" which allows Antipodes.Cubes to be implemented in a very short time and with less difficulty than other business software solutions.

Workflow Architect ensures that the company processes are reflected properly in the BPM system, using the experience of your own team who runs the daily company operations. The accessible visual environment will allow all participants to better understand the logic of business processes. You choose whether to define them yourself by using Workflow Architect, or to let us do it for you. The solution is easy to use and allows simple operation with complex business models.

Antipodes.Cubes Workflow Architect visual modeling of business processes

Visual modeling of business processes

The Workflow Architect visual modeling of business processes not only ensures that the implemented system will reflect best any specifics of the activity in your company, but also allows each team member to receive a better overall picture of the company and to recognize his work as part of a larger business model. Last but not least the ability to visualize processes in the company makes it easier to identify existing weaknesses and becomes an important tool for their continuous improvement.

One of the most important conditions for the successful implementation of any business solution is that working with it should be adopted quickly by the employees. Inclusion of your management team in the very definition of processes in Antipodes.Cubes guarantees that the implementation of the Business Process Management solution won't be opposed and its adoption will be faster, instead of getting loss of efficiency for months as a result from the migration. On one hand, the department managers will introduce more easily their employees with ongoing changes and, secondly, they can get the latest feedback and good ideas to optimize business processes. In this way the introduction of Antipodes.Cubes may have additional benefits, improving the inter-culture and uniting the whole team around the company objectives.

Forms designer

Workflow Architect has built-in forms designer that allows the creation of electronic forms, as well as different versions of the documents used in the company. In this way the solution introduces to your company a fully electronic exchange of information, which not only reduces your current costs for consumables, but also helps protect the environment.